Time to Go

When I worked in film editing, we used to have a saying: Editing is never completed, it’s just abandoned when the time runs out. The same thing seems to apply to our endless planning tasks. We could easily spend another month at the dock tweaking this and optimizing that. But it’s time to go!

We’re not going too far on our first day out. We may go to Cobourg or, if the winds poop out, just Whitby. That’s okay. It’s a first step. The forecast is for light winds in the morning and none in the afternoon. Thursday is supposed to have more wind and have them out of the east, so that may be a good day to cross to Rochester or Olcott.

I was expecting our cabin would be total chaos with hanging baskets and clutter everywhere, but Kath’s worked hard to ensure it’s a place of calm and tranquility. (We’re probably just doing something wrong and will realize it later.)

This past two weeks has been a whirlwind of activity. Lots of send-off dinners and potlucks and evenings at the pub – I think I gained four pounds! We’ve also checked a huge number of things off various lists. But so much of the time, it’s felt like two steps forward and one back.

Last minute inoculations. A brave Spartan, for sure!

Tonight, for example, on the eve of going away, we were basically camped out on our porch waiting for Kath’s emergency credit card replacement. We were nervous that if it didn’t arrive before 7pm, we would probably need to spend tomorrow camped out all over again. Luckily, just as we were starting to resign ourselves to that fait, it arrived at 7:15pm.

A fresh flag was our last pre-departure purchase, paid for with toonies that we won’t have any use for in about three days time.
Friends from our club gave us a lovely and warm send-off.
Lots of long hugs during our last pre-departure meal with the kids!


  1. Dear Kathleen and Thom,
    Thinking of you this morning and sending a prayer into the Universe for your safety and enjoyment as you being this incredible and courageous adventure. I will be following and getting vicarious pleasure from your experiences and sharing a little of the joyful and purposeful details of life on the mainland (mine). It is a beautiful day to begin your journey…so let go and just have fun!
    Kathryn xoxo


  2. Can’t imagine just how excited you must be. Kudos to both of you for making your dreams a reality. I look forward to reading about your adventures. Wishing both of you the very best.


  3. Belated well wishes for a successful and safe and happy trip! I have now read all your posts and have caught up to the present day while waiting for my laundry to dry!


  4. It is December 28, 2019. I don’t know “if” you are receiving this message or not – good luck on your journey!!
    I have been doing up the CN TOWER (20 Minutes and 41 Seconds!!!!) – with the help of YVETTE Shirtliff I have raised $7,455, making it $159.400 in total for the 26 years that I have been doing it. What you are doing is S O G O O D!!!!!!! Where are you headed? I saw the Video of your first two days on the “GO”!! Kathleen, you do sound like a PRO, you are one!!!!


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