Sucking and Blowing

Anyone who knows Thom, knows he’s a bit of a clean freak. Each year, the kids and I look for the latest in cleaning products and technology to wow and amaze him. 

Recently, boat friends of ours turned him on to magic erasers, and he literally had some ordered online before I could send a note to the kids to say “Psst! New gift idea for your dad!”

When Thom and i bought the boat a few years ago, his mom was very happy for us, but gently observed that a boat can be hard on relationships, because “there can only be one mistress”. 

But it’s not the boat that is my rival. 

It is the Dyson V6 handheld vacuum that I got Thom a couple of years ago for Christmas! 

He has vacuumed the boat every day since she came on board. This morning, he sensed a chance to do so while i visited the bathroom at the marina. It’s as if he was sneaking off behind the bushes for a secret tryst.

He loves that Dyson so much, I am surprised he doesn’t tuck her in at night and sing lullabies. Come to think of it, maybe THAT is why is always goes to bed later than me!

Those of you who have read the blog from stem to stern will have seen the post on the name Spartan. In Thom’s mind, it clearly means one thing: Dyson. We may not be the fastest wind-powered vessel blowing to the Bahamas, but that’s because Thom is keeping a vacuum on board!

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