A Tale of Two Slippers

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.
I was standing in the house for the last time before we set sail. On the one hand, I was about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime with My Beloved. On the other, I was leaving behind meaningful work, and every other person I know and love in order to do it. Suddenly, I was gripped by an overwhelming urge to take a photograph. (Not even of my kids, but you know I love you!!).

So what did I suddenly need a picture of??

These, and a cup of tea just spell “home aboard” at the end of the day.

Nothing says home quite like a pair of well-worn slippers!

But these ratty old sheepskins are totally unsuited to life on a boat. If they ever get wet, they will moulder like a damp swab in the head.  (That is sailor talk for mop in the bathroom). Yet as soon as the sun goes down, I always gravitate to cosy like a helm to the weather.  This usually involves silk, wool, or some other kind of technical wardrobe change in the evenings. And obviously, a pair of slippers. Luckily, I keep my feathers numbered, for just such an emergency!

 These, and a cup of tea just spell “home aboard” at the end of the day!


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