Try not to worry.

Yes, Dorian is on everyone’s mind right now, and very much should be. But don’t worry too much about us. It’s unlikely that Dorian will have any impact on us as it passes.

We are currently about 400 kms north of the most likely path that Dorian will follow. We are about 250 kms from the outer edge of projected possible paths. And the storm will not reach these latitudes until Friday, which gives it lots of time to lose its strength before reaching here. Currently, the forecast for this part of the world on Friday is suggesting we will reach winds of up to 25kts. Not fun, but not terribly problematic.

We know exactly where we will be when it reaches here, because we are already here. We’ve taken a mooring ball in Annapolis. The site we selected is deep inside a creek with no more than 100′ of water between us and a shore on every side. We are surrounded by hills and buildings that will break the winds for us. In short, we are very well tucked in. We have no plans to sail again until after the storm has passed. If the storm starts heading this way, we’ll have plenty of time to remove some canvas and other wind-catching bits long before the storm arrives.

So, thanks for thinking of us, and we’ll keep you posted. For now, we are looking forward to visiting Naval and marine museums this week.




  1. Thanks for the excellent “calming” post Thom. I’m glad you are staying, as much as possible, out of harms way.
    I know you did not anticipate this being part of your original plan…but plans are always made knowing you can’t plan the outcome. That’s life!
    Your maps showing your location are interesting and informative. Have a fun day in the museums.


  2. Thanks for the update, Hurricane Dorian and your whereabouts in relation to same were on my mind when listening to the news today! Take care and safe mooring!

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  3. Check out the Annapolis Yacht Club right by the bridge! They honour your CBYC membership card so you can access the clubhouse and watch the canon go off at 6pm!

    Thanks for updating us all on Dorian impacts too!


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