Love Letter to Annapolis

Dear Annapolis,

I know, we haven’t known each other long, but I think I’m falling in love with you.

I love your wild life. When we first met, it was in the heat of early September, and your tree-lined streets thrummed and pulsed so loudly with the din of cicadas, it left me in awe. And while you don’t have racoons or beavers or swans, I love your herons and the deer I see almost every morning.

These deer are always nearby it seems. This is taken steps from our boat when we were in Back Creek.

And we both love boats. You know we have that in common. I love how you have so many nooks and crannies for keeping boats safe and close by. And we both prefer sailboats, right? I mean, yes, you have a show for power boats, but I’ve heard that you make that a much smaller show. Where I come from, the boat shows are mostly fishing and skiing boats, with few sailboats to admire. I look forward to seeing just how big the largest sailboat show can be.

But it’s not just about the boats. I also love your silly obsession with red bricks. I love how you use them not just for nearly every building, but also for the sidewalks and for the roads. I like how they move and make a noise as I ride over them on my bike. Variety is overrated. I say pick one building material and then make everything from it, just as you’ve done. Red looks good on you.

I love how you’ve put dinghy docks at the end of every street. It gives us a chance to roam over all of you. And I like the way you kind of invite – or maybe dare – the sea to wash over your roads and parks during the highest tides. I like how it makes you feel a part of the watery world around you.

Our dinghy was tied at the end of this street. It’s hidden by the bush. If you aren’t keeping track of the tides, you may end up with wet feet.

And I don’t know how you did it, but it seems you’ve found a way to keep drivers on their best behaviour. They never speed through your streets, they are always kind towards people biking and walking. How did you do that? Is it the circular roads? No, don’t tell me. I like that it’s your special trick.

Sure, it’d be nice if you could offer up some Hakka, Szechuan, Indian, Korean…well really there are great foods from a lot of different places and…really, you might want to look into it. Maybe you could start by Googling “Food that isn’t crab cakes” and see where that takes you. But hey, a bus to Baltimore or DC is quick and cheap and I believe they have all the food kinds there.

Yes, it helps that it hasn’t rained or even gotten chilly in the full three weeks that we’ve been together. I try to imagine you with one of your two-inch snowfalls, and all the schools closed before the snow even starts to fly. I think I would only like you more, to see you like that.

Anyways, I’ll be leaving in a few days and there will be many miles and many stories before we meet again. I’m sure you’ve heard all this a thousand times before. I know, I’m nothing but flotsam on the wave of boaters that are pounding your shores. But I wanted to say it anyway. I’m going to miss you, and I look forward to cosying up with you again someday.


  1. Do you think maybe it’s climate change that makes the water come up so high onto their streets? I can’t imagine they would have planned it that way when they first built their roads. Lovely looking town!

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    • It’s actually a combination of rising waters and sinking land. Waters are rising here moreso than average, but the land itself has also been sinking for about two thousand years. I think it’s about 70 percent water rising and the rest is land sinking. Apparently there are people alive today who grew up on nearby islands that no longer exist. Of course climate change isn’t a real thing, so probably this is fake news. A lot of people are saying it’s Joe Biden who is sinking the land. I think you should look investigate.


  2. Please tell me you visited the Annapolis Yacht Club. They accepted my CBYC card for reciprocal visit to the clubhouse/restaurant. Great stories…..who knew CBYC had such a pair of such skilled and soon to be famous auteurs!


    • Hi Steve (Im guessing that’s your nickname…btw shouldn’t “Nick” be everyone’s nickname?). Anyhoo, no, we never did get there, despite your wise counsel. It looked kinda pricy, so we skipped it. Amazing facility!


      • Hehehe yup of course that’s me (Steve Gallinger).. That is one of my many secret agent identities. Anyway, clearly you got a good chance to experience the charm and sailorly atmosphere of that place. Your article was great! Your postings here are a source of joy to us all. The effort is very much appreciated.


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