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Well, after a very long but lovely time in Annapolis, we are back to travelling every day or so, heading further south towards Florida and the Bahamas. That means there should be more stuff for us to photograph and write about than there has been lately. While in Annapolis, we had a number of conversations with people who were following us but didn’t realize that we also publish more than just these blog entries. So now seems like the perfect time to itemize all our storytelling tools.

Do you like stories… about places, challenges, personalities? Well then you’ll like blog posts – like this one! (Well maybe not this one.) But other ones. We are still figuring out what the right cadence for blog posts is and what sort of topics we should cover. You can subscribe to the blog with your email address and that ensures that each of our posts comes to your inbox. We also post each blog entry on Facebook under the page Sailing Spartan. But there are other places where we post content, so read on.

Do you like sailing details? Then you’ll want to follow our Ships Log – This is where we store notes about each sail we take including the wind and sea states, points of sail, performance and other technical details. As the waters narrow, this may be more about tides and navigation than sailing. We don’t send out an alert each time a new entry is added, but maybe we will someday. We add one new log entry for each travel or repair day. Look for the Ship’s Log link at the top of the Sailing Spartan site.

A chunk of the Ship’s Log page. You can click on any Ship’s Log entry to view all the gory details!

Do you like maps? If so, you might enjoy Where’s Spartan – We publish a real-time update of our location whenever we are on the move. You can see where Spartan is, how fast it was going and which way it’s heading. Look for the “Where’s Spartan” link at the top of sailingspartan.com. By default, the map shows the last day of travel, but if you click the View All Tracks button, you can see the entire journey. And if you click on any dot, you can learn how fast the boat was going at that point in time.

Follow our every movement!

Do you use Facebook? – The Sailing Spartan Facebook page is where we post quick snapshots and short snippets that might be of interest. These are shorter and less comprehensive (less rambling, maybe??) than our blog posts. But they are updated more frequently – about once per day. And you don’t need to have a Facebook account to see the page!

Hey, are you still reading this? If so, kudos! You’ll want to make a mental note that Thom’s tea of choice aboard is ginger & tumeric. It’ll come up in the big sailing spartan trivia game that we will host some time in 2020. Cheers!


  1. I Love you’re Blog’s, Very well written, great and interesting twist on things. We were going to leave today with Sail to the Sun 2019, But heath reason’s were being cautious, and waiting another year. Wish we could of meet in Annapolis, But whatever, The Blog on Annapolis has to be the best, also The wife did a great blog on rope
    s and lines. We will be following and wishing we were there. So keep up the good work.

    Fair Winds!

    Paul Maria, Edelkamp


    • Thanks very much. I really appreciate the feedback. Your comment has reminded me that it’s thanksgiving day in Canada and that we are very thankful for our health. I hope you will enjoy your trip south in 2020, and I’m very glad to hear that you’re following along and enjoying the blog. Thanks!


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