Coffee on a Blustery Day

This little video will give you a glimpse of early morning aboard Spartan. Our rally does a little cruiser net each morning. I actually remembered to turn the radio on today, so you get to listen it. Outside it was cold and blustery, but inside it was warm and cozy. Enjoy!


  1. Now that was fun! I hope your day is less blustery now,, We in Toronto are wearing out wintery gear . It is cold and icy underfoot…but we are a brave lot and no complaints!
    xo K


    • 18C was our toasty inside temperature. Outside it was 2C, which yeah, is kinda cold. But unless I sail to Antarctica, I’m never going to doubt that you will always win any sort of weather pity competition. That’s a given. I hope it brings you comfort…because lord knows the weather isn’t going to!


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