Suddenly, We’re on Vacation

Someone recently said to me that you can live on a boat and travel up and down the coast, and that’s living on a boat. It’s nice enough, but it ain’t a vacation. Then, for a few month of the year, you get your boat to the Bahamas and suddenly, you’re in vacation mode.

Of course, our time in the Bahamas got off to a rocky start, so it took a while to settle into vacation mode. Plus, there’s the whole thing about your body arriving and your mind catching up later. Last week, we had a lot of fun with Michael and Lori aboard, but I think my mind still hadn’t caught up with my body. Today, at Lee Stocking Island, all that seemed to change.

You know you’re on vacation when:

  • You wake up, get in a dinghy and explore five different beaches, and you’re the only people on any of them!
  • You scrabble up some hillsides to peaks where you can see the dark blue Atlantic ocean on one side and the azure blues of the Bahamas on the other!
  • You go snorkeling and see lots of coral heads and reef fish.
  • In your travels, you keep seeing small groups of large rays swimming in the shallows
  • You discover a bird you’ve never seen before
  • You find a trail and take it to yet another empty beach
  • You find another trail and take it for a mile or so only to discover it leads to an abandoned ocean research center
  • You roam through the remains of the research facility, reviewing binders of research proposals, looking through floppy disks and seeing rooms of abandoned fish tanks
  • You do all of this before lunch. After lunch, friends come over to play board games. They bring fresh baked bread!
  • Later you make popcorn and watch some dumb netflix show.

Now, that’s a vacation day!

Shallow waters made for a long walk in order to beach the dinghy.
The rays here are much larger than elsewhere. Must have a 6′ span.
The Atlantic side
The islands here are not volcanic. The sand itself turns to a stone of sorts.
Like many Bahamian islands, this one has a pond in the interior..
This used to be a runway that serviced the ocean research lab.
Rows of aquariums and a zillion other things left abandoned after funding was pulled for this facility. There are several buildings to look through.

Whew! What a busy day. Let’s do it again tomorrow!


  1. What a wonderful blog posting! I am so glad to read (see) that you are relaxing and really enjoying your down time. Your pictures are beautiful as are you both!! Thanks for sharing.


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