Listening to Our Bodies

Before we cast off the lines in July, in Toronto, we were probably more in tune with our bodies than we had ever been before. We were both doing hot yoga, several times per week. Kath had been doing lots of strength training. We were eating well, exercising regularly and doing every bit of preventative maintenance possible to ensure our long-term health. Oh, how the mighty have fallen!

From July until mid October, we did a pretty good job of getting exercise on a regular basis. Lots of long walks, some stretching and a wholesome diet. Then the rally started. My alcohol consumption went from about 3 beers per week to about 3 beers per day – a 7x increase! We started eating more and more junk food. And our walks got shorter and less frequent. We did basically zero stretching exercises. Sometimes we’d be on the boat for days at a time, with no access to shore for a long walk. We knew that we should be implementing some sort of yoga and resistance training aboard, but we never got around to it!

So, here we are, back in Miami. When we got back, we immediately went into high gear, provisioning and doing some maintenance and upgrades to ensure the boat was ready to cross. It was three days of full-out organized chaos. Today, we declared ourselves ready to cross to the Bahamas. Coincidentally, tomorrow, there will be a brief window of appropriate weather. All we needed to do was grab a bit of fresh food, water and head out. Our good friends, Jeff and Kimberly on Club Pegu are nearby, and crossing in the same window. So we’d have the comfort of a good and experienced buddy boat to make crossing tomorrow even more attractive.

But it was while I was filling some water jugs that I realized, we can’t go yet. The sun was bright on my arms, but my arms were covered in goose bumps. If you know me, you know I’m the last person to reach for a sweater. Something was off. The previous night, I’d been awake with a ragged cough for a while. And Kath, who has an absolutely encyclopedic memory was forgetting things. Not big things, but normal, human things that anyone else might forget on a regular basis. That might be normal for mere mortals, but for Kath, that was a clear sign that something was amiss.

We contacted our friends and told them we were going to stay put for now. We seriously need some down-time. And now that I stop to think about it, it’s no wonder. By the end of 2019, we’d been somewhere new almost every single night for four months. The last week of the ICW had been the most tiring. Then, after arriving in Miami, we literally fled the boat within an hour of mooring. Then it was a great, but busy week with the kids in an AirB&B. (Oh, and I broke my nose there too, walking into a glass door!) Then we immediately drove for three hours to get a plane, then drove for another two hours. We spent all of our Christmas evenings enjoying parties with friends and family and almost every morning visiting an ailing relative in the emergency ward. We were treated like kings and queens by our family and friends, but it was tiring nonetheless. When we got back, we had but a few hours sleep before we started our provisioning frenzy.

As I write this, I’m wearing a light fleece. It’s 25 celsius in the boat right now, and the sun is beating on me. Yeesh! We will spend a few days not traveling. Not rushing. Not learning. Not sorting through charts and wind predictions. I plan to watch Veronica Mars until my fever subsides, (my guilty pleasure when my brain takes the day off), then wander the dock and look for our friend Larry, the manatee .(We saw him again yesterday.) Then maybe fall asleep reading a book, and then maybe go for a long walk.

I’m sure I will be restless again soon. But, sometimes, you gotta just let your body win one.


  1. Hi Thom and Kath,
    Just read your blog…it sounds like a really good plan. I’m sorry your bodies had to remind you that “they” come first…but you seem to have gotten the message….that’s the important thing. Take good care…

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  2. Hi guys!
    We’re sorry to hear you’re under the weather. It’s hard with all that travel to not catch a bug from somewhere. Hoping you’re back on your A game soon! Are you still planning to cross with Glissade and Last Dance?
    I know how you feel with the lack of fitness and rampant eating and drinking.
    Our down time gives me a chance to get back to a healthier routine for a while. I even found a gym right across the street and joined for 6 weeks!
    We miss you two! Thank care.
    Sue and Russ
    S/V Janet

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  3. You two both deserve a well earned rest. What a journey. It has been inspiring. I’ve spread my upgrades over a couple year. It amazes me how quickly you have both grasped so many aspects of sailing/cruising. That crossing is winking at you until your ready to truly enjoy that accomplishment.
    Steady seas


    • Sorry to hear of your misfortune and I’m really sorry we missed you when you were home.

      Of course, you know the only thing that I can think of when I think of your plight is “Home for a Rest”:

      You’ll have to excuse me, I’m not at my best
      I’ve been gone for a year, I’ve been drunk since I left
      These so-called vacations will soon be my death
      I’m so sick from the drink, I need home for a rest.

      (RIP John Mann)

      Take care and keep writing.


  4. You two both deserve a well earned rest. What a journey. It has been inspiring. I’ve spread my upgrades over a couple year. It amazes me how quickly you have both grasped so many aspects of sailing/cruising. That crossing is winking at you until your ready to truly enjoy that accomplishment.
    Steady seas


  5. Hi Thom and Kathleen,
    Sounds like you had an amazing fun time over the holidays but you are wise to rest up after all that activity! I put on a rather solid spare tire around my middle over the holidays and am back at the gym grunting and sweating to get it off! It will take me three months to get over that three week indulgence! Anyway, enjoy your rest!


  6. You ARE good people. (I have just started following you, as I was QUITE Busy in the four months – but that can wait until you c o m e b a c k – when was that s u p p o s e d to happen?) I think that you are self-sufficient people, and you will find a way to continue on!!! Go Kathleen!!!! Go Thom!!!! What do you think is your “purpose in life”? (“Helping other people”, I believe, but presently, HOW would you U S E IT????) I have asked this of a few people in my life, and Their replies and Yours have helped me, and will always “HELP me”, in my finding the purpose in my LIFE. Kathleen, you are a strong person, and I know from your words, from before you left, that Thom is of the same variety!! Don’t drink!!


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