Exit Strategy Update

Hi all, this is just a quick note to update you on our progress at getting home.

We started the Tuesday with a plan to only sail 50 miles or so, but the weather was so ideal, and each news announcement seemed to suggest that doing this faster was better. So we kept going. We’d say, let’s go to X and then see how we feel. Each time we reached X, we said “let’s keep going”. We did a good job of spelling each other off throughout the night to ensure that we were not terribly sleep deprived. Kath made some great meals under way. So, here we are, 32 hours later, at the western edge of the Bahamas, ready to jump to Florida tomorrow.

The downside of making so many miles is that it’s kept us away from cell towers, so we are behind in making arrangements. As you may recall, we are trying to get the boat hauled out in Florida, trucked North to Lake Ontario and splashed (that’s sailor talk for putting a boat in the water). We think we’ve got the haul out place selected (Cracker Boys in Fort Pierce). But we still need to figure out who is hauling it and where they are hauling it to. It’s challenging because we are looking for a marina to splash Spartan in early to mid-April, which is earlier than most places open. And theen there’s the flood and now the plague, and all of that may make it difficult to find a place. We want to splash on the US side of the lake so that the trucker won’t need to fight with border logistics. If you have a suggestion, please share it. A fellow boater here just suggested RCR in Youngstown, so I look forward to giving them a call.

But tomorrow is a bust for marina and hauler shopping. We are heading out tomorrow at first light for Fort Pierce. We’ll be out of cell range before businesses open and only back in range after they’ve closed for the day. So another day will go by with many questions unresolved. For now, our progress is only marked in miles. I look forward to settling on a plan. Until then, Hold Fast!


  1. OMG – you two are amazing!!. I could not do what you are doing. Without an ironclad plan. Be safe and enjoy the adventure.


  2. Good luck getting home and all your logistics sorted out! Global pandemic is making us reach for home too. Too much uncertainty. I mean who could have predicted this shit show?!? I look forward to the security of my home – even in self isolation. Stay healthy, safe and SANE!


  3. Best of luck and smooth sailing all the way back to Canada! And take your time to make the best plan. Haste makes mistakes. đŸ™‚


  4. Hoping you have a super great day for your last sail of the adventure and that Fort Pierce will be very good to you. May all your plans be wildly successful. Blessings!


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