Exit Strategy Day 2

Well, we made it to Florida today. We had planned to go to Fort Worth, but after a few miles in that direction, it became clear that we would not be able to make it there before dark. So we said good-bye to our buddy boat, Spar Trek, jibed and headed more westerly.

Our sail today was quite active. Waves were much larger than forecasted. Spartan’s autopilot, Irving, is generally a very helpful member of the crew. But whenever there are large waves and a deep broad reach, you’d swear that Irving had drank up all the rum in our stores. He was zigging and zagging all over the place. Ultimately, I had to dismiss him for the day.

I’m a bit pooped from the relentless hand steering with my eyes glued to the compass. But all went well and we arrived, anchored and checked in without a problem….Well, no border-related problems, at least.

Technologically, we are almost completely snookered. We have five devices that accept SIM cards on board and SIM cards from four different companies. But somehow, none of these are working and we can’t seem to cobble enough connectivity to reactivate any plans. So tomorrow, we will need to dinghy to shore and get ourselves yet more SIM cards for our collection. Urrgh!

Once that’s done we can start shopping by phone for marinas and trucking vendors. Thanks very much to everyone for the many kind offers of help. We appreciate it very much!


  1. Dear Kath and Thom,
    I am just on my way to bed. Glad I didn’t shut down my computer before your blog entry that you landed in Florida. I hope all things go in your favor and you and your boat get back soon.


  2. Hi Thom & Kathleen,

    First, I just need to say that I think your exit strategy is a mistake, but we all have to make our own way through this.

    Second, contact Joe Gooch at Heritage Marine in Ft Pierce (561-313-5909). He’ll get you all set up. He’s likely the most helpful guy in the world with boats.


    Nick & Jill


  3. Thanks Nick, I had just talked to them when your note arrived. Everything is shutting down fast! I’m sure you’d either sail back or stay put. We may still take that route. The odds of getting the boat out of the water in time are looking slim, but we are getting anxious to get home so we are doing whatever it takes.


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