Exit Strategy – Day 3

We went to sleep with a modicum of mobile wifi and, at about 3am, I got a text from my provider saying “that’s it, you’re done”. That means we woke up with no internet connectivity at all and no way to buy any without going ashore – into the land of people and their germs. The only cell store that seemed to be open for business told us they were sold out of sim cards. Luckily, it turned out we already had SIM cards for a US account, so we were able to get them reactivated. Whew! (And yes, we sanitized our hands, our phones, our credit cards!)

Next up, we worked on plan A – getting the boat shipped. We were able to line up all the things we need to do that: a marina that will take the boat out and the mast down, a truck that will ship the boat, a marina in Rochester that will splash the boat (Thanks Stewart and Allan for your help in finding this marina!) Finally, we needed to secure a car that would take us up to meet with the boat. Done, done and done! If all goes well, the boat should splash in Rochester on March 31. However, nothing is certain anymore. Businesses – including marinas – are closing down around here.

The marina that will do the work here in Florida has two locations. The location closest to us just got closed today. The other location is in Fort Pierce. It’s not so densely populated there, so there may be more chance that they will stay open, but every day things are tightening, and they really can’t be certain that they will still be open next Friday, when we are scheduled to be hauled out.

So, next we worked on contingency plans. One contingency plan would be to leave the boat in Florida – ideally on the hard, but if not then in a wet slip. Then we get in our rental vehicle and head north. We’ve had a bit of success in this plan. We secured a wet slip at a nearby marina. We can be here for a week, a month or many months if needed. However, it would be a shame to leave the boat here for months (and not cheap, either!) So, while we are waiting for next Friday to arrive, we will continue shopping for another storage option.

Another option is, of course, to get back out there and sail north. It would only be a few miles out before the gulf stream starts giving us a lift. The weather looks good for the next few days and we could make some major miles. We’d also be very isolated from others. However, this contingency doesn’t get us to Canada in the same time frame. At best, we might be able to sail to the Hudson River in 10 days or so. But more likely, weather or unexpected events would add a week or more. The New York Canals don’t open until May 15 (several new realities from now), so at best, we’d still be crossing into Canada from the US, but we’d be doing so later. So, we will keep an eye on this option, but our focus is on getting home quickly, and this doesn’t seem like a likely candidate.


  1. I’m glad you’re coming home as fast as possible. It’s rapidly becoming an apocalypse in the States as anyone with eyes and a brain can see, even from afar! So get you hence to the land of social health care and social responsibility and people and leaders who actually give a damn about stopping the spread of this plague. Wash those hands!


  2. Hi Kathleen and Thom

    I’ve been following your journey from the beginning and just wanted to wish you all the best in getting back home. Hopefully all of your plans work out and you don’t have to leave the boat and can get it home as well.

    We are living through a very scary time right now. We are all working together to get through this time and trying to remain positive.

    Take care and keep the posts coming so we know how close you are getting to home.


  3. Wow. That is ridiculously complicated! What a crazy stress dream you are living in. Thank goodness you have two highly logical brains on board to work out each step.
    Sometimes after a complex task is completed – such as a renovation- I look back on the To Do Lists from that time and wonder how on earth we got through it. That is how I feel about you now.
    Good luck. Stay safe and keep your sense of humour!
    (We finally got a flight out booked this Sunday. The last day of commercial air travel in the country).
    Everything will unfold as planned, right?


  4. Another great education Thom, glad I could provide even the tiniest bit of help. FIngers crossed for you both.
    Best wishes,


  5. This sounds to be well thought out options.
    Another option could be to sail to Nova Scotia. Once you reach Canada you could leave your boat there or hire a delivery captain to bring her down the Saint Lawrence? Or leave here there, gather your thoughts back in Ontario and return with crew and deliver back to Lake Ontario.
    Whatever you decide my thoughts are with both of you. Be safe.


  6. Yesterday was a good day! You got a lot of stuff nailed down, complete with alternatives for what ifs. You guys are very good planners! Hope you have another great day today. and may all your best plans work out well.


  7. Dear Kath and Thom, I read your blogs and e-mails with trepidation, but not without faith that you have the strength, brain power and skill to manage through this very challenging time. I know you will make it and have the “bones” for a wonderful novel at the end. There are too many people who are carrying you in thought and prayer not to come through with flying colours albeit a little bit tattered and tired. Sending love,


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